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My Story

My name is Whitney Brown and I am from Augusta, Georgia. I am the owner of Treasure Nails located in Birmingham, AL. I've been doing nails since 2013 and my journey has been nothing but a blessing!
I am a self taught nail tech and am passionate about my work and what I do. When I started doing nails, I felt discouraged because  I felt it would be hard for me to learn this craft knowing I didn't have any guidance. I never attended cosmetology school; instead I attended Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama to pursue my  Bachelors Degree in Business Management. After my matriculation from Miles, I went on to participate in an apprenticeship with The Nail Galleria. I gained experience working there for a year and a half. After this time period, I developed the necessary tools and knowledge to venture out and start my own business.
So far everything is running smooth and I can't wait until my business grow drastically and be very successful.

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